Name: Steve Coverdale

Age: 48

Birthplace: Glasgow, Scotland

Nickname: Covers

Occupation: Supervisor, WAPL

Hobbies: Sport, Watching Movies

Favourite Food: Steak & Chips

Favourite Drink: Beer, Vodka

Favourite Singer / Band: Take That

Favourite Movie: Any good comedy

Favourite TV Show: Friends, Sienfield, How I Met Your Mother

Favourite Team: Celtic, West Bromwich Albion

Favourite Player: Kenny Dalglish

Previous Clubs: Canning City, Cloverdale Chindits, Canning Villa, Kingsway Olympic, Cockburn City

Joined ASC: Too long ago

Position Played: Everywhere, currently goalkeeper

Best ASC Moment: Winning reserve league for the first time with Muncy – Both of us scoring in Game against Dynamos to clinch it

Most Embarrassing ASC Moment: Having the tree behind goal named as mine . Penalty misses in shootouts especially Marg River carnival and putting ball over club room roof

Which ASC Clubmember do you admire the most: Mark Robins – Even though his hip, leg back have gone he still turns up to train